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Featured Alumnus: Nadine K. Nakamura


After studying in California and Washington, DC, Nadine knew she wanted to return home. Meeting with DURP Chair Tom Dinell during her senior year in college convinced her to enroll in DURP, where she completed her MURP degree in 1987.

Representative Nakamura’s career has brought her through a multitude of roles in the Hawaiian planning sector, including roles at Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA), in the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, City and County Departments of Transportation Services and Land Utilization, the Pacific Housing Assistance Corporation, and and as the Managing Director of the Planning Office at the County of Kauai.  She also worked for 20 years as a private planning consultant (NKN Project Planning). Ms. Nakamura was later elected to the County Council, where she served from 2010-2013.   

In 2016, Representative Nakamura ran for the State Representative seat of District 14. As one of few non-career politicians and planners who serve in the legislature, she brings a unique perspective and knowledge that lends well to several policy areas.  During this year's legislative session she vice-chaired the Housing Committee and served on the Finance and Transportation Committees. Her policy focuses are on increasing infrastructure capacities throughout the islands, including in rural areas and on outer islands; improving opportunities and resources for public schools, and increasing the supply of affordable housing throughout the state. Representative Nakamura has also joined the Board of the DURP Ohana, with hopes to support and grow DURP, to be at the forefront of planning processes, policies,and tools for good planning in Hawaii and the world. 

Currently-serving State Representative of District 14 (Northern Kauai) grew up in Oahu and received her BS in Public Affairs and Urban Planning at the University of Southern California.

Kristi Dinell