The DURP `Ohana is a recognized Chapter of the University of Hawai`i Alumni Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that was unanimously accepted with an expanded definition of their membership including: Students (classmates, and recipients of MURP, PhD, and Professional Certificates); Faculty (former and current from Professors to Graduate Assistants); Staff (former and current administrators, secretaries, librarians, aides, and student help); Colleagues (mentors, professionals, partners, and co-workers with the University system, other Universities, the East West Center, and in the planning community globally); and Friends (individuals who believe in planning and/or DURP and have worked with us).  

The DURP `Ohana was selected as the name of our unusual, though not unique, organization because it most closely depicts the inclusive and participatory nature of who we are and what we value about our education and our profession as Planners.

The challenge presented to Lulu Chun, the designer of our logo, was to visually depict Urban and Regional Planning and our connection to the University of Hawaii`i, in manner which honors Hawai`i as well as the global aspect of our profession, our history, and our commitment to being both sustenance and sustainably rooted in every community we serve.  The initial visual of Kalo (Taro) was proposed by Daniela Minerbi (wife of DURP Professor Luciano Minerbi).  Lulu expanded the Kalo Leaf idea from a mainstay sustenance rooted in community to being the visual definition of us.  The color Green was selected as a base because it represents the University, Hawai`i, growth, and sustainability.  By laying the leaf on its side, one can then see the mountains and the sea.  The spines of the Kalo become the homage to the Ahupua`a, the Hawaiian land management system that spoke most clearly to Lulu when she began her studies as an International Student at DURP.  Finally, there are five mountain peaks, one for each decade that DURP has existed and a range of green shades depicting rural, agricultural, and more densely urban areas.  When the Board first saw this logo, there was a spontaneous and unanimous YES from the floor. We are honored by the care and talent donated to The DURP `Ohana by Lulu Chun (MURP 2016).