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Making A Difference

During our first year as The DURP `Ohana we have been able to make several awards toward educational enhancements at DURP.  In the process of developing relationships as a Chapter of the UH Alumni Association, we have also built several networks at the University and in the community as a whole.  

Converting ME to WE is more than turning one letter upside down.  It involves all of us sharing time, talents, expertise, and yes, funds to make this happen.  And, the contributions of all of us together this past year has positioned us on the path of realizing our Goals and Mission to build bridges, create partnerships, and offer opportunities to promote DURP, Planning, and the University of Hawaii.  

This year we have used your financial contributions to position the Department of Urban and Regional Planning as a partner with Hawaii Public Radio.  Some of us gave time to HPR and HPR ran advertising on behalf of DURP.  We were also able to meet a faculty request for new tables in the repaired Document Center.  Finally, some of your contributions partnered with contributions from APA Hawaii and others which allowed four students representing the class PLAN 678 to travel to New Orleans to accept their National APA Award and present their project maps to the Convention in 2018. 

Congratulations! Let’s keep going together!

Please make checks payable to The DURP `Ohana. Contributions may be mailed to our address at:

The DURP `Ohana, 2424 Maile Way, Saunders 107, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Like many people, I went into planning because I want to make a difference in other people’s lives; I had no idea what a difference the `Ohana could make in my own life. Right now I’m exploring the possibility of continuing on for a PhD, and this conference was really important for me to begin establishing myself in the planning world and deciding my next steps. When our group was accepted for the presentation, we were absolutely thrilled, but also unsure if we could realistically make it happen. I was floored not just by the `Ohana’s generous monetary gift, but also the gift of their enthusiasm and support. Being part of the `Ohana has been like having a whole team of coaches in my academic boxing ring, when I expected to be fighting this fight alone.Amanda Rothchild, Current Student