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The Mind Behind The DURP ‘Ohana's New Logo: Lulu Chun

Lulu began as an intern at SSFM while pursuing her Master’s, and then was hired full-time in 2016. As a consultant, Lulu is actively engaged in Honolulu’s Complete Streets efforts, utilizing her design skills to create easy-to-understand mobility plans. She also works with the SSFM team to conduct community outreach.

With the creation of the DURP ‘Ohana, Lulu served as the perfect DURP alumni to create the DURP ‘Ohana logo. For Lulu, the taro leaf represented an effort to capture Hawaii’s sense of place. The orientation and color patterns of the taro leaf represents the unique system of environments Hawai‘i planners work in: ranging from mauka open space and agricultural lands, to developed urban areas, to expanses of coastline. This logo embodies the complex and diverse situations planners must be prepared for in Hawai‘i.Moving forward, Lulu plans to continue to work in Hawaii, and focus her practice in urban design.

Lulu Chun, born in Hainan Island, South China, moved to Hawaii in 2012 to pursue her Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning. Prior to her pursuing a career in planning, Lulu studied and practiced landscape architecture. Her time in Hawaii has been formative, as she has gained both graphic design skills, as well as an understanding of urban planning. Lulu now works as a planner and graphic designer for a local engineering and planning firm, SSFM International.

Kristi Dinell